Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jesus Paid it All,It is Finished

This is a time to be ALL ALONE with JUST GOD...We do not fit anywhere in this world(sinners) and that is what you experience a lot of ...I see you struggling w. the spirits of this world..I see you at the point of giving up.....We have to always turn to God in all things.Everything ,every total aspect of our very being.
As I look at all of our tribulations and afflictions,I know God is breaking us and doing a mighty work in us.

you are His vessel....Our tribulations and afflictions are dealt with by God, on our kneese before Him.

..leaving God out of the mix is nothing but disaster...and God cannot do anything,until 1st our soul is healed 'when Israel was in Egypt.they were sick,**** * * because of the demonic atmosphere,(what is not of God in your house?) and when they were brought out,instsantly healed.....and their sickness and troubles all came from words of their mouths...murmings,complaining.
.be careful of what comes out of your mouth.It speaks over you,and can block God...Sometimes another prophetic voice can shock one into reality.

          Ezek.16:6 as God passed by He saw the polluted (souls)God spoke Life,you speak life into your soul by the Word of God.(healing)release from any & all sorts of bondage.

               problems,diseases,afflictions come by saying the wrong things.Because of the fall of Adam,everybody is cursed.
..BUT God and the shed Blood on that cross for us....We are under His Grace.3 million were healed under the law,how much more under Grace? 
         The Rhema of God in our souls causes us to speak the Word of God,which is life!!Psalm103:2,3 Lord remove from my soul...Bless the Lord oh my soul...The soul is healed 1st then the body...our body can't be made whole until the soul is healed first.Ps.41:4 and Psalm107:17,18

            We are fighting spiritual warfare...and that can only be fought by the Word of God and on our kneese before God in Jesus' Name.
1Pe 2:5 Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.  v.9 We are a chosen generation,a Royal Priesthood a holy nation and a peculiar people who should show forth our praises to Him who has called us out of darkness into His Marvelous light....
         ***1Cor.6:13 the body is for the Lord..not for sickness
Keep your eyes on Jesus,be in the Word of God,pray daily having communion with Father God...He desires our love more then we desire His Love...this is sad...
Do not involve yourselves in sin,do not allow any form of sin in your home...Do not even look upon sin in your blocks God's healing and His Blessings.1Cor.6:9,10 No sin will enter into God's Kingdom

  ****    Jesus paid it all for us,He finished His Work on the cross.It is already done for you...all you need to do is believe in your heart,Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to earth ,laid down His life for you,confess Jesus Christ with your mouth Rom.10:9,10.........Do not pervert the Word of God in any manner....God said it,so be it...We are to live by every word that came from God's Mouth Matt.4:4.
             ****Pastors do not teach the whole Word of God anymore.We ,by the power of Christ in us,are to lay hands on the sick and they will be healed!!!
Preach/teach The Power in the name of Jesus and His shed Blood.

********Get your eyes off from self ,sickness ,the situation,keep your eyes upon Jesus Christ ...Declare war on the sickness,do not receive it,renounce it,rebuke it in Jesus' Name.
We receive from God once we become doers of His Word and not just hearers.
********God wants that you are free from sin and sickness in Christ Jesus,by His Spirit and shed blood.
Do not say sin is ok,that God loves you and He will not send you to hell because of what you are saying or doing....No,,sin is against God,God cannot look upon sin...Your unbelief of the Word of God can prevent healing and blessings.
We can be so caught up in problems of this world...that we just cannot hear God...Maybe God is waking you up to where He wants you to be...not where you want to be.
              Look to God for all things,lean not unto your own understanding ,but unto God who has a purpose with your life...don't try to jump ahead of God...takes forever,even a lifetime of work by God in us and thru to faith.glory to glory ,step by step...Trust God and not man.
           God does not want you to be sick,He does not make you sick,the devil does.Study Job,see Job2:7- sickness and sin comes from the fall of Adam...All mankind was cursed by God...This is why we all are born with the sin our blood.All have sinned Rom.3:23
         I like how a brother spoke this...I agree...sickness is sin to your body as sin is sickness to your soul.We have to fight against sickness as hard as we fight against sin. Do not allow it ,by the power of Christ and His shed Blood,speak over that sin and sickness,...Isaiah 53 Jesus carried all of our sins and sickness on Him and unto the Cross.
I ask you,why are you carrying it?Jesus paid it all with His Shed Blood for us.
         Mark7:13 traditions of man made the word of God of no,your thinking and your traditions actually destroy your faith in God...and your christian walk....
*******Ex.15:26 God said,I am the God that heals thee...Psalm107:20 God sent His Word and All were healed....healing becomes real to you when Jesus becomes real in your life.
*******Rev.19:13 Jesus' Name is the Word of God,John1:1-14 Jesus (the Word) was God,and became flesh..1Tim.3:16 God became flesh(in the body of Christ;that body God formed for our once and for all sacrifice 1Cor.5:7 and God was in that body 2Cor.5:19
*******Build a Holy Habitation for the Lord to dwell in..Brokenness is the key,being undone...nomore self,empty vessels for God,so you can fill up with Just Him..
    Know God and Know His Word..Do not be deceived...God does not want you to be sick,He wants that you believe and receive Christ ,that you repent away from all sins to God,and confess to Him all sins and be forgiven by the power of the shed Blood of Christ 1John1:9,10 /Believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God and He came to earth and laid down His life and shed His Blood for you,confess Jesus Christ with your mouth and be born again Rom.10:9,10.........Get right with Father God before it is too late.
   Remember,sin blocks Healing ,miracles and blessings from God.
Joan Rogers